Delivering a 21st-century education…since 1930.

From day one, St. George’s School has remained steadfastly grounded in our founding ideas and ideals: putting students at the centre of every decision, delivering the most engaging and thoughtfully crafted curriculum possible, ensuring that we graduate young people who are as well-prepared as they are well-rounded. Those things will never change.


The world around us is changing faster than at any period of human history, however. So how will we ensure that St. George’s remains relevant, vibrant, and healthy—the very best version of ourselves, helping our students grow into the very best versions of themselves—now and long into the future?


This strategic plan represents our timely response to that timeless question.

St. George’s School exists because we believe deeply in kids—their ideas, their hopes, their questions, and their possibilities. And this plan exists because we believe our kids deserve an education as amazing as they are.